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Belarus suspends rape oil exports for up to three months

Belarus will not export any rape oil in the next two or three months, a spokesperson for the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern (Beldzyarzhkharchpram) told BelaPAN on Monday. The exports may be partially resumed in the future, the spokesperson said. Earlier in the day, Beldzyarzhkharchpram's head, Ivan Danchanka, told reporters in Minsk that the export of rape oil to the European Union would be "limited" in the following six months. The restrictions have been imposed because of a small shortage of rapeseeds, estimated at around 30,000 tons, Mr. Danchanka said. In the past, Belarus exported up to 50,000 tons of rape oil to European countries annually, he said. Belarus produces rape oil for not only human consumption but also for making biofuels, Mr. Danchanka said. By growing rape, people increase the country's energy security and reduce its dependence on imports, he noted.

30 September 2010

Aston launches 2.1 bln rbl oil extraction mill in Rostov Region

 Russian agricultural company Aston has launched a 2.1 billion ruble oil extraction mill operating on biofuel in the Rostov Region city of Millerovo, the regional government said Monday

23 May 2010 : 2

Cargill 1Q 2010 earnings fall by 65%

Cargill reported a 65% decline in earnings in 1Q 2010 for the three months ending 31 Aug 2009, mainly due to weakening fertilizer sales. Income dropped to $525 M from $1.49 bn year on year. Earnings in agriculture services and food ingredients and applications grew in 4Q 2009, partly due to lower raw materials and operating costs and product mix changes. Origination and processing earnings remain stable. The company also announced the opening of a glycerine refinery adjacent to its biodiesel facility in Frankfurt, Germany, a feed mill in Efremov, Russia, and a speciality canola research and development complex in Aberdeen, Canada.

21 March 2010 : 2

Export of Belarusian vegetable oil reported up by 280 percent last year

 The export of Belarusian vegetable oil soared by 280 percent to 81,500 tons in 2009, Nelya Navitskaya, a departmental chief at the Belarusian State Food Industry Concern (Beldzyarzhkharchpram), told reporters in Minsk on Wednesday. Belarusian manufacturers supplied vegetable oil to Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine last year

20 March 2010 : 7

Yuschenko signs law on support for production and use of biofuel

Producers and users of the biofuel will be granted significant tax privileges in Ukraine under a new law signed on Tuesday by President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko, according to a posting on the official Web site of the president. According to the law, which is to come into force when it is published, excise duty on the production of biofuel and bio-ethanol will be zero, with the exception of some tax provisions, which will come into effect from January 1, 2010

3 August 2009 : 1

Ukraine: S&D of the oilseed and vegoil market: Market trends and price forecast

Ukraine's rapeseed market is now in low activity. Reduction of the 2009/10 crop forecasts for both Ukraine and the world immediately influenced the prices. Rapeseed quotes are rising on major world exchanges. So, rapeseed prices have grown by $15/MT or EURO5/MT

24 March 2009 : 1

Ukraine planning to produce biodiesel from microalgae

Ukrainian scientists will continue working on a project to produce biodiesel from microalgae, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers has reported. Experts from the national agency for ensuring the effective use of energy resources are currently working on a feasibility study for this project, the press service said.

5 March 2009 : 4

Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine calls to support biofuel production

In order to provide effective functioning of the agro industrial complex the Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine offers to the Ministry of Industrial Policy, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy and the National Agency of effective use of power resources to assist the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "About alteration in several legislative acts of Ukraine considering assistance of production and use of biological types of fuel" in 2009.

3 February 2009

Russian sunflower oil exports at record high

Russia, which had a record sunflower harvest in 2008, continues to set new highs for sunflower oil exports. Russia exported 266,000 tonnes of sunflower oil in September-December 2008, including 124,000 tonnes in December, both record highs, Dmitry Rylko, the general director of the IKAR agricultural market research institute, told Interfax. Russia exported 76,000 tonnes of sunflower oil in 2006, the previous record, and 52,000 tonnes in 2007

24 January 2009 : 31

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