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Majilis approved a bill on state regulation of production and turnover of bio-fuels

Majilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the plenary session endorsed the proposals of the conciliation commission to overcome the differences between the chambers of Parliament on the draft law "On state regulation of production and turnover of bio-fuels" and "On introducing amendments and addenda to some legislative acts Republic of Kazakhstan on state regulation of production and turnover of bio-fuels."

30 September 2010

US ethanol prices rise on Russian wheat ban

US ethanol prices jumped USD 0.07 (EUR 0.05) in early trade yesterday after Russia, one of the world's top wheat exporters, announced a ban on grain exports until the end of the year.

30 September 2010

Russia wants to export biofuels and game to EU

Russia is ready to supply oilseeds and biofuel, including ethanol, as well as game and aquaculture products to the European Union, Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexander Petrikov said on Monday. The European market is attractive for Russia due to its proximity and high prices. "Russia could become a supplier of oilseeds, oil, biodiesel and ethanol as alternative fuel, cattle and goat meat, game and aquaculture products to the European union in the future," Petrikov told an agricultural forum.

6 September 2010 : 1

Why don't oil majors invest in biofuels at scale?

In recent weeks we have tracked the significant number of migrations among early stage biofuels producers from a "fuel centric" strategy to an emphasis of renewable chemicals, organic acids, food oils, and nutraceuticals.

1 September 2010

Prospects For The Caspian Region's Biofuels

Formerly the USSR's cotton "plantation", the Caspian region is poised to become a major player in the production of biofuels if sufficient foreign investment can be procured. Unlike Brazil, where biofuel is manufactured largely from sugar-cane, or the US where it is primarily distilled from corn, the Caspian region's ace resource is an indigenous plant called Camelina Sativa. This can make the region rich in biofuels, helping a great deal in the diversification of its sources of energy.

17 August 2010

Grodno Azot to launch FAME production facility in Q4 2010

The equipment for the production facility was supplied from the Slovak company OTEZA. At present, specialists are assembling the equipment. When the new facility is installed Grodno Azot will increase the production of fatty acids methyl ester from rapeseed oil four times. The company will become one of the main producers of biofuel in Belarus. Grodno Azot intends to launch a production facility to produce its own rapeseed oil as well.

17 August 2010 : 2

Dvorkovich Gives Support to Biofuel Energy Projects

The government should support small energy-generating projects that use biofuel by giving them tax breaks and subsidized interest rates, presidential economic adviser Arkady Dvorkovich said Tuesday. Dvorkovich has been a key advocate of President Dmitry Medvedev's goal to make Russia 40 percent more energy-efficient by 2020. The government has started pursuing the target by phasing out incandescent bulbs for more energy-efficient lights.

17 August 2010

The Summer of IPOs: Gevo files $150M initial public offering

In New York, biobutanol and renewable chemical developer Gevo, ranked #13 in the 2009-10 "50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy" by Biofuels Digest readers and international selectors, filed its S-1 registration statement with the SEC for its initial public offering. The IPO intends to raise up to $150 million in an offering led by underwriters UBS Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Piper Jaffray. the announcement follows a $200 million IPO filing this week by PetroAlgae, in an offering led by Goldman Sachs, UBS Investment Bank, Citi, Piper Jaffray, Cowen & Co, and Baird. Among concerns raised for PetroAlgae: the generally weak IPO market, and the absence of revenues for the development-stage company.

13 August 2010

World Bank reverses: "The effect of biofuels on food prices has not been as large as originally thought."

In Washington, a newly released report from the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank, "Placing the 2006/08 Commodity Price Boom into Perspective", concludes that "...the effect of biofuels on food prices has not been as large as originally thought, but that the use of commodities by financial investors (the so-called "financialization of commodities") may have been partly responsible for the 2007/08 spike."

3 August 2010

UkrAgroConsult-Black Sea Grain: quality of Ukrainian wheat will be lower this year

Commodity Market Analyst «UkrAgroConsult» notes that in June and the first half of July the conditions for the ripening and harvesting of the early grain crops significantly deteriorated. The mid-June heat fell on the period of formation and ripening of grains.

22 July 2010 : 1

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