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Reuters Summit-US wheat exports to fade as Russia flexes muscle

U.S. wheat production and slumping exports will continue to fade in coming years due to increasing competition in the global marketplace from lower-cost producers in the Black Sea region, grain analysts said at the Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicago. Russia, the largest of the Black Sea producers, has invested heavily in port facilities and grain handling infrastructure in recent years, allowing it to challenge the United States as the world's top supplier of the grain.

21 March 2010 : 2

Asia's top five wheat importers

Russia's aim to gain a foothold in Asia's lucrative wheat business will take longer than the targeted 2-3 years as transport hurdles and consumers reluctance to accept a new origin slow Moscow's campaign in a market ruled by Australia and the United States. Russia has already grabbed a sizeable share of U.S. and European exporters in the world's biggest wheat markets of Egypt and the Middle East in recent months, worrying suppliers that the country's push into Asia may cost them profits.

21 March 2010

Russia 2009/10 end wheat stocks seen up on year

Russia's wheat stocks are expected to be higher at the end of the 2009/10 crop year in June than they were a year ago because of larger government intervention stocks and limited exports expected from these stocks. The 5 billion roubles ($168.4 million) of subsidies put aside to compensate the state grain trader for the difference between the price the grain was bought at and the sale price may prove to be insufficient to support massive sales. The government has yet to elaborate on how it will sell its 10 million-tonne stocks, including whether it will sell the grain ex-silo, FOB or C&F. Sales volumes will depend on the mechanism chosen.

21 March 2010 : 1

Russia grain export prices stable, domestic down

Russian grain export prices were largely unchanged last week, while domestic prices slid in line with a decline in global prices, while exports slowed, analysts said on Monday. Ordinary milling wheat with 11.5 percent protein and bug damage of 1 percent was estimated at $169 per tonne, 2 percent and below damage at $164-$165, both FOB Black Sea, the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) said in a note.

21 March 2010 : 1

Natural resources; Need to know

Royal Dutch Shell: The Anglo-Dutch company plans to form an ethanol and fuel distribution joint venture worth up to $12 billion (£7.5 billion) with Cosan, a Brazilian sugar and biofuel group, becoming the latest energy producer to invest in the industry.

21 March 2010

Russian deputy PM says govt won't impose ethanol monopoly

The Russian government will not impose a state monopoly on ethanol, First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said Friday, as cited by ITAR-TASS. He said the government did not have funds for buying ethanol producers and was unlikely to be an efficient owner.

21 March 2010

Brazil Prepared To Create JV In Ukraine To Produce Biofuel

Brazil is ready to create a Ukrainian-Brazilian joint venture to produce biofuel in Ukraine. Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. The production of biofuel in Ukraine was a topic discussed during the Ukrainian-Brazilian negotiations in Kyiv late in February, according to the statement.

20 March 2010 : 1

Bioethanol: 2010 review

The boom in the biofuel industry had slightly slackened by 2010. High expenses along with the financial crisis somewhat cooled enthusiasts of the transition to the new fuel. At present, 85% out of the total biofuel output was accounted for by bioethanol and roughly 15% by biodiesel.

20 March 2010 : 1

Newcomer Alternativa to build biofuel plants with US Greenshift

Ukrainian biofuel start-up Alternativa (IOM) Ltd and US clean-tech developer Greenshift (OTC:GERS) have teamed up to jointly develop sustainable integrated feedstock and eco-friendly fuel facilities worldwide.

20 March 2010 : 4

Ukraine: Cabinet Adopts Procedure For Issue, Circulation And Payment Of Bills For Bioethanol Procurement To Produce Biofuel

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted the procedure for issue, circulation and payment of bills (tax receipts) avalized by banks and got for bioethanol procurement to produce biofuel, government resolution No. 146 of February 17, 2010 proclaims.  "To endorse the procedure for issue, circulation and payment of bills (tax receipts) avalized by banks and given to take bioethanol from an excise warehouse for further biofuel production," the resolution declares.

20 March 2010

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