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Developers target Ukraine for integrated feedstock and biofuel refinery

Alternativa (IOM) Ltd (Alternativa) and GreenShift Corp have jointly announced that they have entered into an exclusive supply and cooperation agreement for the purpose of designing and developing sustainable integrated feedstock and renewable energy production facilities. The companies will initially focus on selected geographies throughout the world that have both abundant undeveloped biomass-derived feedstock resources and the downstream supply-chain infrastructure needed for robust distribution and use of renewable energy and other biomass-derived products at scale. The first planned facility is planned for Ukraine, and will be designed to process rapeseed into substantial quantities of renewable fuels, edible oils and animal feed in an environmentally-friendly fashion. While the development of the Ukrainian project is at an advanced stage, Alternativa is evaluating several additional sites for development of similar facilities in Russia and Canada.

20 March 2010

Ukraine. Exports in January: Grains

Grain exports equaled 1,693.4 KMT in January 2010 against 2557.8 KMT in December 2009. In total, Ukraine has already exported 15.75 MMT of grain and processed grain products since the season started.

11 February 2010 : 1

Russia grain prices dip, follow international prices

Russian grain prices dipped last week, following international prices, but in some regions demand from domestic producers triggered a small rise, analysts said. Ordinary milling wheat with bug damage of 1 percent declined to $175 per tonne from $178 a week before, FOB Novorossiisk, while cereal with bug damage above 1 percent was $170 per tonne, the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) said in a weekly note.

11 February 2010 : 1

Uzbekistan ups ethanol crude alcohol production

Uzbekistan increased ethanol crude alcohol production by 9.4 percent to 5.124 million in 2009 compared to 2008, the Uzbek statistics agency reported.

11 February 2010


While many individuals get their first exposure to international experiences as college students, it's not so often that they participate as one of the lead researchers on an international research trip to help investigate and foster emerging markets for U.S. products. But soon-to-be WIU graduate Anthony Staggs found himself in just such a role this past August, when the senior marketing major at Western Illinois University traveled to Russia with WIU School of Agriculture faculty John Carlson and Kevin Bacon. The purpose of their trip: to present the possibilities of DDGS (distiller's dried grains with solubles) -- a co-product of drymill ethanol production -- for high-protein feed for Russian livestock.

11 February 2010 : 1

U.S. LA Investment Capital To Invest $10 Mln in Bioethanol Plant in Moldova

U.S.-based investment company LA Investment Capital said it will invest $10 million (7.0 million euro) in the construction of a bioethanol plant in northern Moldova.
LA Investment Capital, which will operate in Moldova through its joint venture BioCombustibil SRL, will build highly efficient small-scale biofuel production unit located near feedstocks and optimised to match local markets, the fund said in a statement on Saturday, adding that it plans to complete the investment by March next year.

4 January 2010

Distorted figures create biofuel opportunities

As market forces and rising prices drive this technology to the forefront, one of the richest potential production areas has been totally overlooked by investors up to now - Central Asia. Formerly the USSR's cotton "plantation," the region is poised to become a major player in the production of biofuels if sufficient foreign investment can be procured. Unlike Brazil, where biofuel is manufactured largely from sugarcane, or the United States, where it is primarily distilled from corn, Central Asia's ace resource is an indigenous plant, Camelina sativa.

4 January 2010

Ukraine could export biofuel instead of rape

Ukrainian agrarians have been exporting rape abroad as a raw material for biofuel production until now, however they would be able to export the finished product, Director of Scientific-Research Institute of Alternative Fuel LLC (Kharkiv) Volodymyr Semenov believes.

9 December 2009

Belarus' research strategy for 2015 is aimed at developing over 1,500 advanced technologies

"The strategy highlights power engineering, energy efficiency, nano-materials, IT, medicine and others, which corresponds to the science and technology policies of the world's major powers. We also take into account the dynamics of world market prices for resources and energy, and seek to achieve European-level goals in biofuel, energy-saving, agricultural technologies and informatization, Mikhail Myasnikovich said.

9 December 2009 : 1

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