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Biofuel profits seen driving maize-led grain rally

Grains could seen sharp rebound if yields hit next year. Russia eyes sales to British and Dutch ethanol plants

9 December 2009 : 3

Russia: speaker of State Duma offers to produce biofuel at abandoned lands

Boris Gryslov, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, offered to use abandoned agricultural lands for biofuel production on September 29. According to him, the country has opportunities to produce the product at unused lands without any damage to grain production. The European Union has the standard that biological fuel should contain not lower than 6.9% of biological ingredients, marked B.Gryslov. Russia accounts 127 mln ha of agricultural lands, including 20 mln ha of abandoned lands, added he.

9 December 2009

Ukraine: Cabinet initiates no import duty for biofuel equipment

The Cabinet of Ministers announced plans to cancel import duty for the equipment brought in to promote the development of production and consumption of biofuel. A relevant draft document was elaborated by the Agrarian Policy Ministry.

9 December 2009 : 1

Six plants to produce bio-ethanol instead of alcohol

Six plants are planned to be reequipped this year to produce bio-ethanol, Deputy Agrarian Minister Oleksandr Shevchenko told UKRINFORM.

He specified that UAH 160 million of investments (USD 1 - UAH 7.63) have been attracted for that purpose.

3 August 2009 : 1

Belgospischeprom Seeks Investor in Bioethanol Plant

Belarus ' food concern Belgospischeprom is looking for an investor in the construction of a bioethanol-making plant and a yeast-producing facility, Viktor Krasnyuk with Belgospischeprom said during the Days of German economy in Belarus. The most attractive project is the construction of a bio-ethanol facility at Zhabinka sugar refinery. The bioethanol unit will have a capacity of 60,000 tonnes of fuel ethanol annually from cane raw materials, he said.

3 August 2009 : 1

INTERVIEW-Brazil promotes ethanol output abroad as exports dip

Brazil is encouraging sugar producers in Latin America and Africa to produce ethanol, funding studies and promising technical support in a push to convince governments to adopt the alternative fuel, a government official said on Monday. The Brazilian agency for trade promotion and the regional Inter-American Development Bank are examining the viability of setting up ethanol refineries in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, St Kitts and Nevis and Haiti, agriculture ministry official Jose Nilton said.

3 August 2009

Ukrros Sugar Association Planning To Create Joint Enterprise For Production Of Bio-Ethanol At Hubynykh Sugar Refinery

Ukrros Sugar Association, a Kyiv-based company and a major producer of sugar in Ukraine, intends to seek a strategic investor for creation of a joint enterprise for production of bio-ethanol at the Hubynykh sugar refinery (Dnipropetrovsk region). Ukrros Sugar Association's Board Chairman Serhii Fedorenko announced this in an interview with the Delo newspaper. Fedorenko stressed that the company was interested in attracting a Western investor with experience in similar projects.

3 August 2009

Ukraine to not reduce prices for new crop wheat after the harvesting campaign

Ukraine will not suddenly decrease prices for new crop wheat after the finishing of the harvesting campaign, declared Nikholay Dzubinskiy, the head of the department of agro industrial production of the Main department of agro industrial development of Lugansk oblast state administration, according to www.agrimarket.info.

30 June 2009

Ukraine: Biofuel Producers Enjoy Tax Benefits

The President of Ukraine signed into law provisions giving significant tax benefits for a biofuel industry in Ukraine. The law is aimed at stimulating biofuel production and consumption in Ukraine, intending to increase the share of energy produced from alternative (renewable) sources up to 20% by 2020.

26 June 2009 : 3

Itar-Tass Russia and CIS news summary for Saturday, Sunday

President Dmitry Medvedev said the development of bio energy should not lead to a shortage of food grain in the world. "I would like to state my position clearly in respect to a sharp growth of grain prices due to the production of bioethanol," the president said, speaking at the opening of the World Grain Forum in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

9 June 2009

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