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Corn and Manioc Starch Duties Increased

Starting May 22, 2009 through February 22, 2010, the minimum import tariff on non-modified corn and manioc starches will increase from 0.06 Euro per 1 kg to 0.15 Euro per 1 kg. In 2008 Russia's corn and manioc starch imports were 53,900 metric tons. The new duties might disrupt these imports, as the price of imported corn and manioc starches might increase by 10-35 percent in Euro. Given the recent devaluation of Ruble, price of these starches in the Russian market in Rubles might increase by 30-59 percent. The duties will protect domestic starch producers at the expense of confectionary and other food processing industries.

30 April 2009

Russian Federation SUGAR ANNUAL

Russian sugar beet production increased 3.6 percent to 29 MMT in MY 2009 even though total acreage planted dropped slightly. This was due mostly to higher sugar content in beets, adoption of better technologies, wider use of inputs, and perfect weather conditions. Refined sugar production in MY 2009 will reach 3.48 MMT, up 8.75 percent from MY 2007 but is expected to drop slightly in MY 2010. Russian imports of raw sugar decreased 11.3 percent in MY 2008 over the previous year with Brazil providing 89 percent of total supply. The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a new support program for sugar from 2010-2012. The draft program envisions raising the percentage of grain sugar made from domestic sugar beets from 55 percent in 2006 to 67 percent by 2012.

30 April 2009 : 1

Government Grain Policy and Procurement Prices in MY 2009

According to Russia's Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, grain intervention (procurement) prices for MY 2009 will not change from the current level: 5,500 rubles per metric ton (R/MT) for Class 3 wheat and 4,900 R/MT for Class 4 wheat in European Russia, and 6,000 R/MT of Class 3 wheat and 4,800 R/MT for Class 4 wheat in Ural, Siberia and the Russian Far East. The Ministry of Agriculture can correct prices at any time throughout the year. Federal funds for these interventions are set at 20 billion rubles. Along with continued grain procurement, the government will increase its role in the grain market through the State United Grain Company, control over inputs supply prices, and through grain exports on terms of aid and within inter-government tight contracts

30 April 2009

Europe could become strategic biofuel market for Russia

Europe may become a strategic market for biofuels for Russia, with an expected total volume of about 40 million tons annually, the CEO of the Biotechnology Corporation said Friday.

17 April 2009

Kazakhstan's biofuels industry gets ready to strike back

It almost looks like a post-mortem of the 1970s: oil and gas available in such quantities and at such low prices that incentives for energy saving and for alternative resources remain in the reclusive domain of ecology-driven idealists.There is one main difference between oversupply a quarter of a century ago and slackening demand today - it leaves those who have invested in biofuel, commodity supply of which could have changed the world map of energy providers, with low expectations concerning fuel market shares. Yet, producers are not giving up - including newcomers on the scene, one of whom is Kazakhstan.

8 April 2009

Ukraine grain and feed anual report 2009

Grain and pulse production is expected to decrease by more than 20% in 2009 compared to the record crop of 2008. Global financial turmoil hit the Ukrainian economy and its banking sector hard, and the following credit crunch may result in decreased input application, possibly lowering crop yields and grain quality. The bumper crop and substantial carryover stocks resulted in record export sales in the 2008/09 marketing year, promoting Ukraine to the list of top grain exporters. Grain exports are expected to slow down in the 2009/10 marketing year, but to remain on above average levels, particularly due to increased carry-over stocks.

31 March 2009 : 3

Russia's New Agriculture Minister

Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev appointed Elana Skrynnik as the Minister of Agriculture on March 12, 2009, succeeding Aleksey Gordeyev who took over as Governor of Voronezh after serving for 10 years as Minister of Agriculture.

20 March 2009

Russian Federation Solid Wood Products Policy and Production Update 2009

Recently the Russian government adopted a long-term development program called "Strategy of the Forestry Complex Development until 2020" aimed at improving the efficiency of the sector and increasing its share in the Russia's economy. Production of solid wood products is forecast to stabilize, after declining in 2008, and improve in the near term, due to government initiatives to attract new investments and allocate subsidies to producers and millers.

5 March 2009 : 1

Russian Federation gricultural Situation conomic Crisis Update 2009

The global financial crisis has had a significant impact on Russian agribusiness and agriculture. Declining oil revenues and slumping confidence in the Russian economy have led to strong downward pressures on the ruble. The weak currency coupled with a decrease in purchasing power will pose significant challenges for U.S. agricultural exports in 2009.

5 March 2009 : 1

UkrSpyrt starts biofuel production

The state concern of distillery and alcoholic beverage industry UkrSpyrt started biofuel Bio-100 production at the Lokhvytsia Distillery (Poltava region, Central Ukraine), it is said in the company's statement. The volumes of Bio-10 production make up 80 tons per 24 hours.

25 February 2009

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