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The prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko initiates introduction since 2012 of penalties concerning the enterprises for dumping organic waste

The prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko initiates introduction since January, 1st, 2012 of penal sanctions concerning the enterprises which have biological waste in the manufacture, but do not process them in biofuel.

16 February 2009

Donetsk mayor proposes Finnish businessmen participate in city's preparation for Euro 2012

Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko has proposed that Finnish businessmen participate in the city's preparation for the Euro 2012 European Football Championship. He said this at a meeting with Under-Secretary of State at the Finnish Foreign Ministry Pekka Huhtaniemi and representatives of the ten largest Finnish companies operating in Ukraine.

13 February 2009

Emission quota sale money to start coming in April - Prime Minister

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko hopes that in April Ukraine will get its first receipts from the sale of the carbon dioxide emission quotas within the framework of the agreements signed in keeping with the Kyoto Protocol procedures.

13 February 2009 : 1

MinAIC Introduces Production of Biofuel from Wastes

On February 12, 2009 Minister of Agrarian Policy Yurii Melnyk announced, as of February 1 of the current year in agro-industrial complex of Ukraine 8 objects in production of biogas from wastes from cattle breeding and food industry are operating or being on the stage of introduction. He informed during a special sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to considering of investment projects.

13 February 2009 : 1

Ukrainian Enterprises which Fail to Utilize Bio-Waste to be Fined

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko initiated to introduce penalty provisions for enterprises which in the process of production fail to utilize organic waste beginning 1 January 2012. On instruction of the Prime Minister, this norm should be envisaged in a bill on encouraging utilization of biofuel.

13 February 2009

Ukraine has 8 objects of the agro industrial complex for biogas production on the consummation stage

As of February 1, 2009, Ukraine has eight objects of the agro industrial complex for biogas production on stream or on the consummation stage, declared Yuri Melnik, the Minister of Agrarian Policy

13 February 2009

PAVA in 2008: standing strong and going vertical

The year 2008 was the time for PAVA to set ambitious goals and make concerted efforts towards their achievement. Through a decisive R&D and marketing move the company started a new phase of development.

25 January 2009

CIA: AUTOMOTIVE - Fuel and petrol station

According to a current study made by the Ministry of Industry and trade (MPO), a total of 72,500 tons of biodiesel and 44,700 tons of bio-ethanol were consumed in the Czech Republic January through October. Domestic production amounted to 63,700 tons of biodiesel and 43,400 tons of bio-ethanol. The production of bio-ethanol is continually growing, in October it amounted to the record-breaking 9,330 tons.Imports amounted to 38,300 tons of biodiesel, that came mainly from Germany (14,500 tons) and Slovakia (15,300 tons).

16 January 2009

Bulgarian producers say biofuel to ease dependence on Russian gas

The Bulgarian Government should work out measures to encourage biofuels as an alternative to Russian gas supplies, the National Biofuels Association in Bulgaria said in a statement to the media.Bulgaria has enough raw materials to make its own biodiesel and bioethanol and reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies, said Miryana Misheva of the association.

13 January 2009 : 1

Technological Innovation of Bioenergy

The United States threw strong support behind the biomass resource-based energy/chemical-manufacturing industry in the 1990s, positioning it - together with the IT industry - as a new, important industrial sector for the 21st century. To spur technological development, the country in 1999 designated the biorefinery industry as its strategically important science theme under a presidential decree, prompting industrial circles to boost research & development efforts. Against the background of the 2006 State of the Union address, in which President George W. Bush pledged support for biofuels, coupled with soaring crude oil prices, production of biofuels based on food resources increased sharply. A subsequent spike in food prices and excessive burdens on the environment stemming from the cutting down of rainforests have globally aroused concerns and debate over "negative effects." Currently, international environmental nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), UN agencies such as FAO, member states of the EU, and other quarters concerned are strongly urging regulations meant to make sustainable biofuels indispensable and develop traceability technology so as to ensure sustainability.

3 January 2009

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