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Technological Innovation of Bioenergy

The United States threw strong support behind the biomass resource-based energy/chemical-manufacturing industry in the 1990s, positioning it - together with the IT industry - as a new, important industrial sector for the 21st century. To spur technological development, the country in 1999 designated the biorefinery industry as its strategically important science theme under a presidential decree, prompting industrial circles to boost research & development efforts. Against the background of the 2006 State of the Union address, in which President George W. Bush pledged support for biofuels, coupled with soaring crude oil prices, production of biofuels based on food resources increased sharply. A subsequent spike in food prices and excessive burdens on the environment stemming from the cutting down of rainforests have globally aroused concerns and debate over "negative effects." Currently, international environmental nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), UN agencies such as FAO, member states of the EU, and other quarters concerned are strongly urging regulations meant to make sustainable biofuels indispensable and develop traceability technology so as to ensure sustainability.

3 January 2009

Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine calls to support biofuel production

In order to provide effective functioning of the agro industrial complex the Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine offers to the Ministry of Industrial Policy, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy and the National Agency of effective use of power resources to assist the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "About alteration in several legislative acts of Ukraine considering assistance of production and use of biological types of fuel" in 2009.

2 January 2009 : 1

Ukraine Deepens Cooperation with Netherlands in Energy Saving Area

The Director of Department for Climate Change, Cooperation and International Affairs of the Dutch investment and innovation agency SenterNovem Mr. Hoop van Mille during a meeting with representatives of the NAER who stayed with a working visit in the Kingdom of Netherlands stressed on strategic significance of cooperation between the Kingdom of Netherlands and Ukraine with an aim to create sustainable energy market and market of green energy as well as apply alternative and renewable energy sources and energy saving measures.

1 January 2009 : 1

Russian Federation: Grain and Feed Russian Government Intends to Support Grain Exports 2008

In view of Russia's bumper grain crop and rapidly decreasing domestic grain prices, Russia's First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov has approved measures aimed at supporting Russian grain exports in MY 2008. The measures include reducing grain rail tariffs, expediting VAT reimbursements, stimulating grain and flour exports, and possibly using grain export subsidies. The proposed measures have not yet been adopted by any Government Resolution, and experts consider that measures aimed at decrease of exporters' transportation and logistics expenses have higher chances to be adopted than direct subsidies.

10 December 2008

Russian Federation Grain and Feed December Grain Update

Post increased Russia's total grain production forecast by 2.1 MMT to 102.5 MMT. Logistics, financial problems, and tight competition in the foreign markets will limit grain exports to 14.0 MMT of wheat, 2.1 MMT of barley, 150,000 MT of corn. Grain prices remain low. Grain traders are lobbying for emergency government measures to support grain exports.

4 December 2008

Agriculture may become locomotive in overcoming financial crisis

Agriculture may become the locomotive in pulling out of the world financial crisis, said Russian Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev who is taking part in an international conference on biofuel in San Paolo, Brazil.All participants in the conference from over 30 countries of the world share this opinion. "Speaking about the world financial crisis, the delegates underlined that agriculture - depending on government's actions - has a real chance to become the locomotive in pulling out of this situation," the press service of the Russian Agriculture Ministry quoted Gordeyev as saying.

23 November 2008

Belgospischeprom concern to set up logistics centre

Belgospischeprom's projects which will be presented at the Belarusian Investment Forum in London include the production of bioethanol (60 million tonnes a year) at the Zhabinka Sugar Refinery. The cost of the project is estimated at ˆ50 million. The project will allow Belarusian companies to reduce the use of petroleum products owing to the development of 5% ethanol-mixed petrol. The mixed petrol can be used not only in cars but in so-called small engines - motor boats, chain saws and other machines. The bioethanol can be used as an additive agent for low-octane petrol that allows oil refineries to increase the production of light oils.

17 November 2008

Belarus can provide itself with biofuel in 3 or 4 years

According to him, in the near future the country will set up new facilities to produce biofuel. Two of them will appear in Mozyr and Bobruisk. They will produce 10 million decalitres and 55 million decalitres of bioethanol a year respectively.

12 November 2008 : 1

Biotechnology Corporation, Krasnoyarsk regional to set up three biofuel production sites

Moscow's state-run Biotechnology Corporation and Krasnoyarsk regional officials have announced $307.8mln plans to set up three biofuel production sites in Kransnoyarsk region. Biotechnology Corporation CEO Pyotr Kanygin said the search was on to bring in outside investors to part-finance the move, while other funding is being put up by his organization and other state grants. Under plans, the first center is to be built on the premises of the Kansky Biochemical Plant, bankrupt and sisused, and will focus on biofuels production using butanol.

10 November 2008

Biotechnologies Corporation rehabiliates Kanskiy Biochemical Plant

On October 29, 2008 the government of the Krasnoyarsk region and Biotechnologies Corporation (Moscow) signed a cooperation agreement in Krasnoyarsk, providing for the creation of industrial sites for the production of biofuel, products for agriculture and petrochemical sectors in the region.

8 November 2008

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