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Omsk region presented 2 innovative projects at V forum of heads of Russia ns Kazakhstan cross-border regions

Omsk region has presented 2 innovative projects at V forum of heads of Russia ns Kazakhstan cross-border regions. They are Biocluster (Titan company) and construction of polycrystalline silicon plant called Kristall (NPO Mostovik).Biocluster project has entered the list of strategic important objects by 300-s anniversary of Omsk and stipulates construction of bioethanol plant, pig-breeding and poultry complexes, combine fodder factory and meet-processing complex.

4 October 2008 : 145

Interfax Hungary Business Daily

Ministry Foresees Revival in Hungarian Biofuel Industry - Earlier shelved development plans in the Hungarian biofuel industry could receive new momentum this year due to oversupply in raw materials, said state secretary to the Agriculture Ministry, Zoltan Gogos.

1 October 2008 : 1

Belarus to construct huge biofuels sector

Belarus envoy says biofuels sector will be key to cleaning up Chernobyl contamination. A senior Belarus diplomat told a conference in Brussels today that his country has decided to make decontaminating the lands affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster its number one priority, and that it will pursue this aim by building up a giant biofuels sector.

28 September 2008

Corporation Rostekhnologii signed several contracts with Irkutsk region

Only for one day of the forum corporation Rostekhnologii signed several agreements with Irkutsk region and Siberian Federal District. Irkutsk region plans promotion of engineering and biofuel production. Company Biotekhnologii, an offspring of Rostekhnologii, has contracted for production of Tulunskiy hydrolysis plant for the sum of $180 million.

17 September 2008 : 1

Biotech transforms waste timber into fuel of future

A Russian firm has unveiled a clean fuel which is expected to replace major pollutants such as diesel and petrol in cars. The company is owned by giant state holding Rostechnologies, not previously known for successfully bringing consumer products to the market, But its head says size has its advantages. The head of Russia's biggest carmaker Avtovaz is testing the world's first commercially produced wood-based liquid biofuel - biobutanol. It's something Dupont and BP have been trying to do for years. Produced by Russia's Biotech, wood waste is converted to clean fuel for use in transport, energy and even animal feed. Ilya Zaitsev, Communications Director for Biotech believes it's the answer for the future. "Our biofuel will gradually replace petrol

17 September 2008

Biotechnologies Corp to spend $1.5 bln on biofuel plants in Russia

Biotechnologies Corporation, part of Russia's united industrial corporation Oboronprom, plans to invest around U.S. $1.5 billion over the next five to seven years in the creation of new biofuel plants in Russia, Igor Cheremnov, a member of the corporation's board of directors, said Tuesday at the Fifth Baikal Economic Forum.

17 September 2008 : 3

UkrSpyrt Advocates Reorganizing Distilling Plants For Bioethanol And Commercial Alcohol Production

The state concern of spirit industry UkrSpyrt considers it necessary to reorganize distilling plants into joint stock companies for bioethanol and commercial alcohol production. Ivan Yakovets, director of the concern, said this in an interview with the Business weekly.

17 September 2008 : 1

Russian Federation Grain and Feed September Monthly Update 2008

FAS Moscow raises its total grain production forecast for MY 2008 to 93.2 million metric tons (MMT), an increase of 4.6 MMT from August estimates. The increase is due to good weather conditions in July and August, reported harvest progress, and excellent yields of winter grains - especially winter wheat - in European Russia. The wheat production forecast is 56.2 MMT, and the barley forecast is 18.2 MMT. The corn production forecast is 5.6 MMT. Post forecasts grain exports at 14.9 MMT, including 13.0 MMT of wheat and 1.6 MMT of barley. Prices of feed quality wheat and barley continue to fall rapidly, while the price of milling wheat stabilized due to low production.

12 September 2008 : 2

Russias Largest Biofuel Plant to Be Built in Ivanovo Region

IVANOVO. The Ivanovo-BioToplivo limited liability company has decided to build a biofuel plant in Teikovo, in the Ivanovo Region (central European Russia). The plant worth RUR5bn ($198.33mn, or €136.65mn) is to be built within two years. The main investor is the Moscow-headquartered Konti Group specialising in housing construction using modern technologies.

8 September 2008

Biofuel from non-food materials

Russian Kirov biochemical plant started producing biological fuel from inedible materials, thus making another step towards solving environmental problems of large cities. 

4 September 2008 : 1

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