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Duma calls for state program on bioethanol production

Russia's State Duma has proposed to draft a state program for the production of 1.8 million tonnes of bioethanol a year, the head of the subcommittee on natural resources, Oleg Valenchuk, told Itar-Tass on Thursday.Under this program bioethanol plants should be built, research works on ethanol fuel production completed as well as financial support for ethanol fuel producers provided, he said.

Valenchuk stressed that under the conditions of a global food crisis threat it is inadmissible for Russia to produce bioethanol from food products and food waste as this would increase the deficit and lead to irrational use of agricultural fields.

28 August 2008

Tambov Region Launches Big Investment Project

TAMBOV. The Tambov region is launching a big investment project that envisages construction of a bioethanol plant with an annual capacity of 250,000 metric tons annually.Total investment in the project will exceed €217mn. After it is completed in 2011, the Tambov region will have one of Russia's biggest enterprises producing renewable types of fuel.

19 August 2008

Ukraine: Grains Monthly Overview

Ukraine anticipates one of its biggest crops in 10 years. Domestic prices are decreasing. The Government is trying to boost the price of wheat by purchasing stocks for the State reserve. July grains export numbers are high, but traders slowed purchases based on expectations that prices will continue to decrease.

15 August 2008

Oboronprom unit to invest up to 7 bln rbl in 2d generation biofuels near Irkutsk

Biotechnologies Corporation, which is a part of Russia's united industrial corporation Oboronprom, plans to invest between 6 billion rubles and 7 billion rubles by 2011 in biofuel production and the advanced processing of wood wastes in the Irkutsk Region, Vladimir Khamatayev, general director of the East-Siberian Biotechnologies Plant, said at a news conference Wednesday.

7 August 2008

Russian Federation: Grain and Feed

Total grain production forecast is 88.6 million metric tons (mmt), with a wheat forecast of 53.5 mmt, a barley forecast of 17.5 mmt, and a corn forecast of 5.5 mmt. Russia's grain exports are expected to be down slightly to 14.3 mmt. The winter grain harvest is in full swing in the European Russia and reported yields are high. However, heavy rains in European Russia may increase grain losses and grain moisture. Grain prices have also declined. While new grain export tariffs are not expected government intervention into grain trade is in Russia's future with the creation of a government affiliated grain trading company.

7 August 2008 : 1

Russian Federation Grain and Feed: Government Grain Trade Monopoly May Return

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture intends to transform its Agency for the Regulation of Food Markets (AFM) into a major Russian grain trader. The Ministry is waiting for government approval to transfer its controlling interest in 28 of Russia's major grain elevators and terminals, including the ministry-owned grain terminal in Novorossiysk, to the AFM. Government control of these grain elevators will create the basis for its control of Russia's grain trade and exports, and may well constitute creation of a state trading enterprise.

29 July 2008 : 2

Irkutsk Region to Start Production of Biofuel Soon

IRKUTSK. The 5th Baikal Economic Forum, to be held in Irkutsk (East Siberia) on September 8-11, 2008, will present a project for the production of biobutanol, a new-generation motor fuel, in Tulun, the Irkutsk Region.

23 July 2008 : 1

Ukraine: molasses market

Sugar production is one of the leading branches of agro-industrial complex in Ukraine and unites manufacturers of feedstock resources and final products manufacturers that are striving to achieve the common goal. The final product of the branch is sugar and its by-products — molasses and presscake.

10 July 2008 : 1

Ukraine Oilseeds and Products 2008

The record high price for rapeseed and strong export demand resulted in record high exports. Sunflower seeds and sunflower oil were subject to export quotas in April and May 2008. The sunflower sown area for marketing year 2008/2009 is 4.1 million hectares and is one of the highest on record.

9 July 2008 : 1

Ukraine Grain and Feed Monthly Overview

The government of Ukraine cancelled grain export quotas in the end of May 2008, partially in anticipation of the new crop which is expected to be significant. Exports have increased drastically but not enough to clear stocks of major grains held in inland silos. The market has not rebounded completely and the domestic market is experiencing price decreases. The government gave assurances that new grain export quotas would not be introduced during marketing year 2008/2009.

8 July 2008 : 1

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