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Kazakhstan government drafts bill re scope of bioethanol application

The Kazakh government is drafting a bill that regulates the scope of bioethanol application, said Almaty akim Akhmetzhan Yesimov. The government is preparing a relevant draft law, whereby each city must use bioethanol making at least 2% of the total fuel consumption,» he said Wednesday at the environmental public hearing in Almaty.

26 May 2008 : 1

Moldovan Seminte Nord Seeks Investors for $40 Mln Bioethanol Plant

Moldovan corn processor Seminte Nord is looking for investors in a $40 million (25.1 million euro) bioethanol production plant, the first in Moldova, which could ensure the country's energy security, a top company official said.

26 May 2008

Biohim launches biofuel in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan company Biohim, which belongs to the Titan group, has started selling biofuel in the Kazakh market. The Kazakhstan government has been preparing laws for the regulation of biofuel production and marketing. The first phase of the Biohim grain processing complex, including a bioethanol plant, was commissioned in Sep 2006. Bioethanol production started in 2007, but the material was sold to foreign customers only. Part of production is supplied to Kazakh blenders for biofuel production.

26 May 2008

Agriculture Prominent in New Russian Government

The overall agricultural and food portfolio is held by one of two first deputy prime ministers in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's new government, and the Ministry of Agriculture has been accorded broader authorities: ability to override decisions of the veterinary and plant quarantine service, acquisition of the forestry agency and reacquisition of fisheries; certain land tenure authorities; and authority to draft trade-related decrees. Minister of Agriculture Aleksey Gordeyev was reappointed to the post he has held since 1999, but former Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister for the Agroindustrial Complex.

22 May 2008

Greenfield, PvT Capital sign deal to build ethanol fuel plant in Belarus

Ireland's Greenfield Project Management Ltd and Germany's PvT Capital GmbH on May 20 signed a strategic agreement on joint construction of an ethanol fuel production with an annual capacity of 65 million decaliters. PvT Capital GmbH is expected to acquire a stake in Greenfield Project Management Ltd. «We will join the project as an investor and share our solutions and management. The project is part of our expansion strategy,» said PvT Capital COO Christiaan Verbakel.

22 May 2008

Kazakh leader says speculation behind world food crisis

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev believes that speculation is the main cause of the world food crisis. The president said this at a soiree about Kazakhstan held within the framework of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in the Egyptian city of Sharm al-Shaykh on Sunday [18 May], the [Kazakhstan Today] news agency says referring to the Kazakh presidential press service.

«Changes in climate or production of bioethanol are said to be the causes of these cataclysms. However, in my view, intense speculation is also the main cause,» Nazarbayev said.

19 May 2008

Ukrspyrt Intends To Launch Production Of Biogas At 32 Distilleries By 2011

Ukrspyrt, the state concern of alcoholic beverage industry, has intention to launch production of biogas at 21 distilleries by 2010.

This follows from Ukrspyrt's executive summary, the text of which has become available to Ukrainian News.In particular, for 2008 the concern has plans to introduce biogas production at extra-budget expenses at 10 enterprises, total capacity in equivalent of natural gas is expected at 36 million cubic meters a year.

18 May 2008

Bread Basket: In Ukraine, Tiny Plots Of Farmland Spur Big Bet

The vast collectives that fed the Soviet Union are now a patchwork of tiny gardens, fields and vacant lots. But combined, they could help feed the world: Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine have fertile yet untilled land the size of Idaho.If someone could just stitch the land back together and create modern farms, agronomists say, the vast spaces north and east of the Black Sea could generate an extra 115 million metric tons of wheat per year—20% of the world's current production.

12 May 2008 : 6

BRIC to take stock of food shortage

At a time when the US and the EU are blaming global food and oil shortages on countries like India and China, foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) will be meeting soon in Russia to discuss the food crisis and the slowdown of the US economy.The foreign ministers of BRIC countries will meet on May 15 in Ekaterinburg to discuss various issues. A day later, Russia; India and China will hold a trilateral meeting.

7 May 2008 : 1

Russia's New Strategic Industry

A decade ago, the public perception of the agriculture industry was one of subsidies, trade distortions and rigged markets. More recently, public awareness has focused on concerns over food security, price inflation and even shortages.The demand factors are easily identifiable — population growth, urbanization, rising incomes, changing diets and fuel requirements. With the exception of biofuels, these factors combined present a picture of unrelenting demand for grains — gradual, paced and persistent.

6 May 2008 : 1

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