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Kazakhstan halts wheat exports until September

Kazakhstan on Tuesday halted all wheat exports until September 1 in a bid to tackle rising food prices, the Central Asian state's government said in a statement. «This decision is based on the need to ensure the country's food security and to stop the domestic market from feeling the negative consequences of price rises on the world market,» Prime Minister Karim Masimov said.

15 April 2008

Oil production in Russia has peaked, warns Lukoil executive

Russian oil production has peaked and may never return to current levels, one of the country's top energy executives has warned, fuelling concerns that the world's biggest oil producers cannot keep up with rampant Asian demand. Leonid Fedun, the vice-president of Lukoil, Russia's largest independent oil company, told the Financial Times that he believed last year's Russian oil production of about 10m barrels a day was the highest he would see «in his lifetime». Russia is the world's second-biggest oil producer.

15 April 2008 : 1

PAVA Will Take Part in the International Bioenergy Summit

On 09 April 2008 was announced, that this year the International Bioenergy Summit and Exhibition devoted to the issues of biomass and biofuels production take place in the exhibition centre LenExpo, St. Petersburg on April, 8-10. They are held together with the VII International Forum of Fuel and Energy sector in St. Petersburg, which will consider issues such as the sector on the whole, electric power industry, alternative energy, the market of natural gas, etc.

9 April 2008

Vnesheconomobank to fund construction of bioethanol plant in Tambov region

Russia's state-run Vnesheconombank (VEB) bank is to pay for a new bioethanol plant in the Tambov region. A deal was concluded between the head of the Tambov regional administration and VEB's chairman.

4 April 2008

Ukraine Sugar 2008

In marketing year 2007/2008, sugar beet production decreased by 24 percent. The profitability of sugar beets also decreased from 11% in 2006 to -10% in 2007 because of overproduction in marketing year 2006/2007 and beet sugar price decreases. As a result, the sugar beet sown area decreased in 2007 by 23% and is expected to remain low and stable through 2008.

3 April 2008

Russian Federation Agricultural Situation: Ministry of Agriculture Board Discusses the Past, Present, and Future

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture Board held a meeting on March 25, 2008. The topics of discussion included 2007 production levels and measures taken to implement the National Priority Project and Program of Agricultural Development and Market Regulation for 2008-2012. Imports were criticized, as well as the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade's handling of meat import quotas. The Agriculture Minister informed those present that, in relation to the new structure of the government, the Ministry of Agriculture will expand its authority in relation to Customs and tariff policy, quality control over foodstuffs, as well as land regulation.

1 April 2008 : 2

Russian Federation: Grain Intervention (Procurement) Prices for 2008

One month earlier than last year, the Ministry of Agriculture has decided upon the government intervention (procurement) prices for food quality wheat and rye. The price levels were raised by 60 percent over last year's but are still lower than the real market price for grain. Specialists predict that the government will not be able to purchase grain at these prices in 2008. However, the increased price may prevent seasonal price fluctuations if production is strong.

1 April 2008 : 1

Irish company ready to invest $345 million in two bio-fuel plants in Belarus

Irish-based Greenfield Project Management Limited announced plans to invest a total of $345 million in two facilities that will make bio-ethanol fuel in Belarus.It said in a statement that that the construction might start as early as the third or fourth quarter of this year and take between 18 and 24 months.

1 April 2008

Belorussia: Energy study is next step in Greenfield's ethanol project

Greenfield Project Management today announced the start of a comprehensive energy system study for its proposed bioethanol plants at Mozyr and Bobruisk, to be carried out by the Swedish firm of consultants SEP Scandinavian Energy Project AB. The company's chief executive officer, Michael Rietveld, told journalists in the Belarus capital that Greenfield will be investing at least €65 million into developing the projects in the course of 2008, having concluded a round of financing. «We've been delayed by the difficult conditions caused by the turmoil in Western financial markets,» said Mr Rietveld, «but we are now able to confirm a first tranche of financing to carry the projects forward this year.»

31 March 2008

Philippines: Bioethanol production from carabao maybe viable, but needs gov't support for further research

The Filipino scientist who found a way to produce biofuel through carabao fluid asked the government to fund the additional research of the technology that could usher the country towards energy independence in the very near future.

31 March 2008

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