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Philippines: Bioethanol production from carabao maybe viable, but needs gov't support for further research

The Filipino scientist who found a way to produce biofuel through carabao fluid asked the government to fund the additional research of the technology that could usher the country towards energy independence in the very near future.

31 March 2008

VEB to invest 30 bln rubles into Tambov-based projects

VEB will participate in the construction of a cement plant, several sugar works and bioethanol production facility. Dmitriev put total investment in these projects at over 30 billion rubles.

29 March 2008 : 1

Ukraine: Grain and Feed 2008

Grain and pulse production is expected to increase by 20% over the previous year and will result in an increased export surplus of wheat, barley and corn. Feed and food consumption is predicted to remain relatively stable. The export quotas limiting exports of grain are expected to remain in place through marketing year 2007/2008. The Government of Ukraine (GOU) is again expected to intervene in the grain markets during marketing year 2008/2009.

28 March 2008

Voronezh region to construct cattle-breeding complex on manufacture of milk and complex for breeding of large horned livestock

There are also plans to construct a plant on manufacture of bioethanol with annual volume of 186.7 thousand tonnes.

27 March 2008 : 26

Polish press review

Economy Ministry Mulls Allowing Petrol Containing 85% of Ethanol on Market — The Economy Ministry is mulling allowing gasoline E85 which would contain around 85% or less of ethanol on the market.

26 March 2008 : 1

Omsk group of companies Titan to grow up grain for bioethanol plant

Omsk group of companies Titan plans to redeem and take in a long-term rent 200 thousand hectares of farmland in Omsk region. They are necessary for Titan for grain cultivation — raw materials for bioethanol manufacture.

23 March 2008

President of Republic of Tatarstan sets tasks for 2008

President of republic of Tatarstan M. Sh. Shaimiev in his address to Gossovet of RT set tasks for 2008. Basic tasks for 2008 for the industry are: — Technical redevelopment and upgrading of existing facilities, construction of the new capacities for production (generation) and transfer of electricity and heat.In Republic there is potential for alternative sources of energy using the local and secondary resources. They include timber, wastes of wood working and husbandry, production of bio- ethanol and bio-diesel when rape processing.

22 March 2008

Ukraine Trade Policy Monitoring Annual Report 2008

Ukraine finalized WTO accession negotiations and concluded the Working Party report in early 2008, but has not yet adopted (at the time this report was drafted) the final accession package. U.S. exporters will continue to face the same non-transparent import regime until the WTO accession package is adopted and implemented. The vast majority of sub-legislative regulations have not been brought into compliance with WTO norms, standards and practices. Import duties are still prohibitive for many sensitive agricultural products, including meat products. Some support programs will likely not be brought into compliance with Ukraine's WTO commitment until the end of 2008. When the government of Ukraine (GOU) moves to finalize and implement the WTO accession package, many polices in this report will change.

21 March 2008 : 2

Russia plans to launch wheat futures April 9

The Russian National Mercantile Exchange (NAMEX) plans the long-awaited launch of wheat futures on April 9 as domestic grain prices trade at record highs, the director of the exchange said on Monday.NAMEX Director Sergei Naumov told Reuters he expected at least 15 companies, both Russian and international, to participate when the first contracts are launched next month.

17 March 2008 : 1

Agro-industrial sector should embrace biofuels Zubkov

It is expedient to implement programs to explore alternative types of energy and to reduce the dependence of agriculture on traditional fuels, including gas, Zubkov said at the St. Petersburg State Agriculture University. «Lets produce biofuels,» the Russian Prime Minister said.

17 March 2008

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