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Interfax Central Europe Energy Weekly

The Czech lower house Tuesday unanimously passed an amendment to the law on excise duty that would lower the excise tax rate for mixed diesel fuel that contains at least 31% biofuel component.

31 January 2008 : 1

The international workshop Biofuel - a New Market Niche', Riga, Latvia, 13th - 14th of March'

The workshop will focus on case studies reflecting relevant experience of companies from Europe, the Baltic, and Russia. The event is interactive, which provides for effective experience exchange between expert speakers and the delegates — owners of operating bioplants and those under construction, investors, biomass and equipment suppliers.

31 January 2008 : 1

Kazakhstan Wants to Strengthen Its Position in Biofuels

Astana considers it imperative to increase its share of the global market for biofuels, announced the Agriculture Ministry's department of strategy of agriculture development director, Berik Ospanov, as reported by Kazakhstan Today.

30 January 2008 : 2

Russian Federation: Agricultural Situation - Deputy Prime Minister Addresses Agricultural Policy

Dmitry Medvedev, First Deputy Prime Minister and presidential candidate, held a meeting in Kaliningrad on January 10, 2008 to task government agencies on issues relating to development of the agricultural sector.

29 January 2008 : 1

As global food costs rise, are biofuels to blame?

The biofuels industry plans on producing record amounts of ethanol this year to meet a mandate of the new US energy law — and will need a lot of corn to do it. At the same time, global food prices are at near-peak levels. The question is, how big is the connection between those two developments?

28 January 2008

EU Calls On Oil-consuming Countries To Focus On Efficiency

The European Union on Friday called on other major oil-consuming regions to cut back on the amount of energy they use as oil supplies face a tight squeeze that has sent prices soaring.The E.U. is trying to encourage cars and trucks to burn more biofuel.

25 January 2008 : 1

State conglomerate mulls bioethanol plant project

The Belarusian State Food Industry Concern (Beldzyarzhkharchpram) has carried out a feasibility study into the possibility of building a bioethanol plant in the country.

22 January 2008 : 1

The Detroit Auto Show: Running on Alternative Fuels

Here at the Detroit auto show, a wide range of car companies are setting out plans to push alternative fuels, particularly ethanol and diesel, as a means of increasing fuel economy, cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and burnishing their green credentials with increasingly environment-minded consumers.

14 January 2008

Analysis - India, China, Russia:next drivers of world growth

Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath has his pet theme these days: the mass of global economic architecture is shifting to Asia, particularly the emerging economies.

14 January 2008

GE boosts "green" energy plans.

General Electric will today announce plans to double its investments in renewable energies to Dollars 6bn by 2010 in the latest sign of a push by big companies to capitalise on concerns over global warming and pollution.

14 January 2008 : 1

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