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RENEWABLES: Russian Pava To Build $292 Mln Bioethanol Plant in Altay

Russian company Pava will build a plant for the production of bioethanol from wheat worth between 150 mln euro ($219.3 mln) and 200 mln euro ($292.4 mln) in Altay region, southern Siberia, the company's vice president, Sergey Stolbov, said.

3 December 2007 : 1

Russia Grain and Feed November Monthly Update 2007

November's grain production estimate for Russia is 79.7 million metric tons (mmt). Wheat production forecast is raised to 48.1 mmt (7.1 percent increase from 2006 crop), while barley production forecast is decreased to 16.4 mmt (down 9.4 percent from 2006 crop). In order to stop domestic grain product prices from rising along with world prices, the Russian Government introduced export tariffs on wheat and barley, started selling grain from the state intervention reserves, and has undertaken administrative measures to freeze retail prices for certain types of bread. Russia's grain export forecast is raised to 12.0 mmt, including 11.0 mmt wheat and 0.9 mmt barley.

3 December 2007 : 304

Interfax Poland Business Daily

Top Polish refiner PKN Orlen has chosen German CropEnergies AG and Polish PHP Wawrzyniak as suppliers of bioethanol for its production of biofuels in the first half of next year following a tender conducted as an internet auction, the company stated Thursday.

1 December 2007

Bioethanol plant in Tatarstan to export its products to Europe

 The products made at these plants first of all will be exported to European countries to satisfy their needs in biofuels, the Minister said. Tatarstan has an oil extraction plant which primarily processes rape. Besides, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov and Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev discussed the construction of Russia's first biofuel plant with the Tatarstan authorities during their visit to Tatarstan. The plant is planned to process 1 mln tons of crops a year, Tatar-inform said.

1 December 2007 : 1

Inflation Rising

Ten years after the Asian Crisis, the ensuing ruble default of 1998 and the Argentinean Financial Crisis of 2001, the situation in emerging markets has became more stable. Still during the last couple of months, in some emerging markets--especially Russia--inflation has become a very popular and ominous word.
I recently visited Russia a couple of times, and the empty shelves in grocery and department stores that were so prevalent in the early 1990s are now a distant memory. This is the case not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg; stores in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, and the Caspian city of Astrakhan, are as well stocked as those of Sao Paulo or suburban America.

28 November 2007 : 1

Putin calls for stimulating biofuel production.

«Extraction of energy from alternative sources has been developing fast. Naturally, prices have been climbing,» Putin said. «In the meantime, the countries capable of offering a sufficient amount of grain for this fuel are very few, and Russia is among them.»

28 November 2007 : 1

Kazakhstan sees record grain crop, exports

Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country of 15 million people covering an area five times the size of France, aims to become one of the world's top five grain exporters within the next few years.This season's exports are forecast to set a new record, surpassing the 9 million tonnes shipped in 2006-07.

27 November 2007

Russian Federation Sugar Report

Sugar beet production and processing are rising as farmers and refineries increase sugar beet acreage to implement the Russian government's plan to reach 67 percent sugar self-sufficiency by 2012.

22 November 2007

Major education and training centres should be established - Putin.

«In particular, the country's south has its own tasks of developing thee economy that are different from other regions. And here, for instance, one of the most important areas is agriculture. But you should understand another thing—gas and oil as fuels are important at present, and Russia is one of leaders. But humanity will switch over to biofuel. This area is becoming the most important,» Putin said.

15 November 2007

Pavas Net Profit up 2.3%, to $1mn, in 2007

In January-September 2007, net profits of Pava, Russia's agricultural company, rose by 2.3% from the respective last year's figure, to RUR26.891mn ($1.1mn, or €0.75mn), as calculated to Russian Accounting Standards on the basis of unaudited reports.

14 November 2007 : 1

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