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DJ USDA Attache: Russian Government Takes No Steps -2-

Experts believe that Russia has 10 potential bio-ethanol plants, although only one (the Titan company based in Omsk, Siberia) is operating.

13 June 2007 : 1

Korlea Invest, a.s. Joint Venture to Produce Bioethanol in Kazakhstan

The joint-stock company TOO Korlea Invest Energy Corporation, a major player on the electricity markets of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, is planning to construct a bioethanol production plant in Kazakhstan.

7 June 2007

US Poultry Supplies to Russia Down 20%

American experts forecast US poultry supplies to Russia to drop by 10% to 20% to 599,000 tonnes to 674,000 tonnes in 2007. The reason is the crisis in the American poultry industry; corn which is the main food in the US poultry industry is now widely used on the bioethanol market.

1 June 2007 : 1

Roustam Minnikhanov meets with Ballestra Desmet President Marco Galateri

Prime Minister of Tatarstan Roustam Minnikhanov meets with the Italy's Ballestra Desmet President Marco Galateri. The negotiations are to focus on possible launch of grain advanced processing facility in Tatarstan to produce glucose, modified starch, protein and bioethanol.

27 May 2007

Ukraine: Moroz Advocates Creation Of Specialized Biofuel Enterprises

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Oleksandr Moroz has said biofuel should be produced at specialized enterprises in Ukraine.

27 May 2007 : 1

From the Editor - Learning to love biofuels.

The latest Oil Market Report (OMR April 2007) from the International Energy Agency (IEA) provides a dramatic insight into just how important biofuels have now become in meeting future fuel demand.

21 May 2007 : 1

Sugar-based ethanol said better for environment than fuel from corn

Ethanol made from sugar cane is by far the best option for biofuel from the point of view of the environment, the International Energy Agency said here Tuesday.

Both IEA executive director Claude Mandil and the president of its board of governors, Australian Deputy Industry Minister John Ryan, emphasized that point at a press conference at the end of the agency's ministerial meeting in Paris.

15 May 2007 : 1

Alternative Energy: CIS Countries News Review April 2007 - Part 1 of 3

Ten to twelve bioethanol plants will be built in Rostov region, southern Russia. The regional authorities have allocated 2.8 mln Russian roubles ($109,000/80,000 euro) for the preparation stage of the programme, which is to be completed by the autumn of 2007.

3 May 2007 : 1

Agriculture growth in Russia restrained by WTO conditions

"Given the growing consumption of bioethanol in Europe, we are ready to provide additional resources and implement joint projects in this field, using common capital for this purpose," said Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev at an East-West agricultural forum at the Green Week Berlin-2007 exhibition.

30 April 2007

Russia to Harvest 76-79 Mln Metric Tons of Grain in 2007

In 2007, Russia will harvest 76-79 mln metric tons of grain, said Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev. He said that, although winter crops are doing quite well, the Russian weather service and several related institutes forecast draughts in grain-growing regions, primarily Siberia and South Urals.

28 April 2007 : 1

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