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Government wants to reorient 29 distilleries to production of bioethanol until 2015 - state program

Ukraine's government hopes to reorient 29 distilleries to the production of bioethanol in 2013-2014.

7 May 2013

Korsair signs licensing agreement for Russian pyrolysis process

Germany-based Korsair Holdings AG has signed a sales and marketing license agreement for a Russian waste-to-energy technology developed by scientists at the Regional Design and Technology Business Incubator at the Polytechnical University of Tomask. The license agreement gives Kosair exclusive rights to market the technology in the Balkan States.

7 May 2013

Camelina on the move: Global Clean Energy Holdings acquires Sustainable Oils

In California, Global Clean Energy Holdings announced that it has acquired Sustainable Oils, a leader in Camelina genetics and production. The acquisition includes 100% ownership interest of Sustainable Oils and the ownership of the key intellectual property and operational assets. Camelina is the only non-food based crop approved by the EPA as an advanced biofuel, which includes renewable jet fuels, for RIN generation.

15 March 2013 : 3

BP Biofuels: Time for "the really hard yards" in biofuels commercialization

At World Biofuels Markets, BP CEO Phil New delivered a keynote speech which attempted to turn the industry's attention towards "the hard yards" of operational excellence, saying that "it is arguable that the time to talk of game-changing inventions in biofuels is largely behind us - at least for this phase of our history."

14 March 2013 : 61

Survey says: Soladiesel Algae fuel is a monster hit in Propel

Sales increase 35 percent at participating test sites - and survey results reveal driver preference for algae-based
Soladiesel over conventional fuels.

6 March 2013

Legal Aspects of Biofuel Production Discussed on Graintek-2012

At the round-table Ekaterina Baryshnikova, Deputy Director General of NP Center of Innovations, andYury Alyakrinsky, Chief Engineer on Bioethanol of Titan-Agro Ltd. discussed proposals on alterations in legislation and normative acts for exemption of denatured fuel bioethanol from excises, reported the press-centre of Titan.

3 March 2013

Germany Helps Ukraine Develop Biofuel Production

Germany, intends to assist Ukraine in establishing its own biofuel production in 2013, reports minagro.gov.ua. The statement was made by the representative of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Jurgen Keinhorst, at the joint Ukraine-Germany council. Keinhorst said that pilot projects in the sector may involve German investment.

3 March 2013

The Dew Drop Inn - Who's Dropping in What in Biofuels?

B20, B5, B100, E10, E22, E85, Bu12.5, HEFA 50. Is your head swimming with acronyms and blend ratios? Who exactly is making drop-in fuels, and what does that mean? "Drop-in" - a spectrum more than a spec when it comes to renewable fuels.

18 February 2013

'Bioethanol Maker POET Looks At Grains Besides Corn

POET, one of the world's top ethanol makers, could begin to use grain feedstocks other than corn as soon as next month as the worst U.S. drought in more than 50 years pushes distillers to look at alternatives.

17 September 2012 : 3

44 people worth knowing in advanced biofuels

44 biofuels thought-leaders, rock stars, and tellers of cautionary tales - in one place, at one time - to reflect on the present and chart a course for the future.

30 August 2012

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