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Russia offers to supply EU with biological fuels

Russia is ready to cooperate with the EU in the field of bioenergetics. "Considering the rise in the consumption of bioethanol in Europe we are ready to offer additional resources and implement joint projects in this field, using common capital for this purpose," Russian Agriculture Minister Aleksey Gordeyev said at the East-West Agricultural Forum in Berlin today on the subject of "agriculture and bioenergy - the light will go out without agriculture".

20 January 2007 : 1

Agrarian policy: The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Biofuel production development program

In late December of 2006, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the concept of the State program for diesel biofuel production development until 2010.

20 January 2007

Closing the biofuel gap

Japan is lagging behind several other countries in developing liquid biofuels that serve as alternatives for fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. An increase in demand for oil caused by expanding economic activities worldwide as well as tighter government control of nat ural resources, as in Russia, are likely to drive up oil prices. It is imperative that Japan develop alternative renewable energy sources to diversify energy sources and reduce reliance on oil.

19 January 2007 : 1

Government policy and development of legislation: Ukraine plans to considerably increase its output of agricultural produce

According to the new draft Ag Development Program of the new Ukrainian government Ukraine will produce by 2015:

17 January 2007

Reuters Summit-EU seeks varied suppliers to meet biofuel targets

Europe will have to rely on a wide variety of countries, starting with Brazil and Indonesia, if it wants to meet ambitious targets for raising the share of biofuels used in transport, the EU executive said on Tuesday.

16 January 2007 : 1

Russia's Nastyusha grains sees $3 bln revenues

The co-owner of leading Russian grains trader Nastyusha plans in the next five years to build a company with annual revenues of about $3 billion, a Russian newspaper reported on Tuesday.

14 January 2007

Watching the world: The switch to biofuels

Countries around the globe may switch from oil and natural gas to biofuels.

11 January 2007


By 2015 grain crop in Ukraine will reach up to 50 million tons per year. This performance is envisaged in a draft state program of social-economic development of the Ukrainian village through 2015, which text is published on the official site of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

10 January 2007

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: CIS News Review - Dec 2006

Russian companies plan to invest over $1.0 bln (767 mln euro) in the construction of biofuel producing facilities in 2007. Among them are Bashneft-South which will build a 130 mln euro ($169.5 mln) biofuel plant, and Aston corporation planning to invest up to 120 mln euro ($156.5 mln) in the construction of biofuel producing facilities.

9 January 2007

Ukraine industry: Government planning network of biodiesel plants

The government has launched plans to construct a network of at least 20 plants for the production of biodiesel fuels, with total production capacity envisioned at over 620,000 tonnes of biofuel by 2010.

9 January 2007

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