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Ukraine Will Use Sugar Beet to Increase Biofuel Production

Ukraine's sugar beet production satisfies domestic demand three times over. The estimated surplus may provide some 4 million tons of biofuel, reported the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Prysyazhnyuk at the press conference in Kyiv. The Ukrainian government has begun the reorientation of the nation's sugar beet industry, announced the official.

26 January 2012 : 1

Murmansk seaport may start timber transhipment for biofuel production

Norwegian companies have proposed to the management of the Murmansk fishing seaport a project to tranship up to 15,000 metric tons of timber for biofuel production annually. / fcinfo.ru

26 January 2012 : 1

CEO: Rostekhnologii to resume biofuel proj in Irkutsk Reg by Jun

 Russia's state-owned industrial company Rostekhnologii plans to resume the implementation of a project to build a biofuel plant in the Irkutsk Region by June, the company's CEO Sergei Chemezov said, RIA Novosti reported on January 2.

26 January 2012 : 1

Biofuel boiler station launched in Russia's Stavropol Region

Russia's first boiler station to operate on biofuel was launched Friday in the Stavropol Region, the regional governor's press office said, as cited by RIA Novosti.

26 January 2012 : 1

Biomethane in Eastern Europe

The biomass resources here in Germany are limited. Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine are countries with a large potential of biomass that can be used to produce energy, which could then be used to produce biogas and biomethane. However, the bioenergy sector in all three countries is still in its infancy. The first biogas plants have been built, but there are not yet any biomethane plants. The political framework is also an obstacle to rapid development. The ques¬tion of the conditions, under which the potential could be tapped, was examined by the research project "sustainable European bi¬omethane strategy". The research results were used as the basis for development of a strategy with which impetus could be provided for a functioning biomethane industry in the different countries. It also examines the possibilities of exporting biomethane to Western Europe, with the focus on Germany.

26 January 2012 : 1

Glucosidases; Researchers at Lomonosov Moscow State University Target Glucosidases

According to the authors of recent research from Moscow, Russia, "Mutant strains of Trichoderma reesei are considered indisputable champions in cellulase production among biomass-degrading fungi." "So, it is not surprising that most R&D projects on bioethanol production from lignocellulosics have been based on using T. reesei cellulases. The present review focuses on whether any serious alternatives to T. reesei enzymes in cellulose hydrolysis exist," wrote A.V. Gusakov and colleagues, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

11 October 2011 : 1

US: Rosnano investing $60 M in new plants

Russian state-run technology company Rosnano is to invest in two US projects. Thus, $26 M will be invested in drugs company Panacela Labs, a subsidiary of Cleveland BioLabs. Cleveland is investing $3 M in Panacela, which will develop new drugs. Rosnano's investment will be in four tranches over four years. Panacela will receive several research patents from Cleveland that will cover infectious diseases and various cancers, among others. Panacela products will for the moment only be sold in Russia. Expansion onto world markets is planned later. In another project, Rosnano will take part in the development of new technologies for the production of biofuels. Here, the Russians will invest $35 M in US company Joule Unlimited. The money will go on improving the technology and on erecting a research centre in Russia. Unlike in conventional biofuel production, the Joule technology uses carbon dioxide and the action of sunlight.

11 October 2011 : 2

RUSNANO invests into renewable fuel technologies

State-owned nanotechnologies development company RUSNANO co-invested into development of renewable fuel production technology, developed and owned by the firm Joule Unlimited, RUSNANO reports. Total RUSNANO's investment into the project is reportedly to come in at up to $35m. RUSNANO's funds are to be spent on improvement of technology, as well as setting up Joule's R&D center in Russia under the company's international development plan. While traditional biofuel uses biomass as a raw material for production, the renewable fuel, under the Joule technology is produced on an uninterrupted cycle directly from the carbon dioxide under sunlight influence, which results in better efficiency if compared to existing methods of biofuel production. Besides, expansion of the project will not require a lot of farm land or large amounts of clean water.

11 October 2011 : 2

Landkom International To Invest USD 10 Million In Construction Of Biofuel Factory In Lviv Region Before 2013

Landkom International, a producer of oil-bearing and grain crops in Ukraine, has plans to invest USD 10 million in the construction of a biofuel factory in Busk district, Lviv region, by the end of 2012.

11 October 2011 : 1

President Ilham Aliyev inaugurates Gobustan Experimental Range and Training Center

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev today has attended the inauguration of the Gobustan Experimental Range and Training Center of the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources.

19 September 2011

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