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Russian Biofuels Association

Russian National Biofuels Association promotes renewable fuels in Russia. To achieve its goals the Association works with various government and non-government stakeholders in Russian and neighboring countries. 


Faces of the "Biomass: Fuel & Power - 2019"


Russia - Law on fuel ethanol production signed by President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law regulating the production and trade of fuel ethanol. The regulation had already been adopted by the State Duma on November 13, 2018 and approved by the Federation Council on November 23.
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Markets Now: Ethanol, Corn and Wheat Markets

While agriculture still tries to digest the roller-coaster news out of Washington D.C. from 2018, analysts are already focused on the dynamics of the new year. Clinton Griffiths sat down with Tommy Grisafi of Advance Trading and John Payne, publisher of "This Week in Grain" to discuss 2019 market movers.
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A biofuel for automated heat generation: Scientists calculated what type of biomass generates more heat than consumes in pyrolysis

Pyrolysis - a process of biomass decomposition - can be organized automatically for heat generation out of the most common type of biomass such as peat and straw. That is, it is sufficient to heat biomass to a certain temperature and then the process proceeds in the autothermal mode due to its own heat release. This technology was studied by scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University in the article published in the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.
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